National CASA Volunteer Resource Library - This page on the National CASA website contains a wealth of information about various child welfare/development related subjects and links to podcast trainings you can listen to at home.

Psychotropic Drugs 101 Webinar:  A National CASA webinar on psychotropic drugs and their use with foster children.  This is an audio presentation with slides and is about an hour and a half long. 

You Gotta Believe
: A 7 minute, heart warming film on older foster youth and their need for permanency.  A must-see for all CASA advocates!

Toxic Stress Derails Health Development:  This 2 minute film is a good introduction to how stress affects the brain of a child who has been abused or neglected.  This is from the Harvard University Center for the Developing Child and is one of many excellent videos they produced on child development. 

Rise Magazine: A publication written by and for parents involved in the child welfare system.  Its mission is to help parents advocate for themselves and their children.  They have great articles that will give advocates a unique understanding and perspective.

Child Trauma Academy: This is Dr. Bruce Perry's Center in Houston Texas. Lots of good information/reading on trauma and child development.

Youth, Rights, Justice Law Firm:  This is a non-profit law firm in Portland that serves foster youth and their families.  They have great on-line resources for foster kids and parents.  A great resource for CASA advocates!

Please contact the CASA office if the above links do not work.  Thanks!