Meet Our Children

Where will these children go from here? You can make a difference.
Siblings Mark,7, and Isabel, 5, were removed from their parents’ home when police responded to a domestic violence call. The officers were concerned about the safety of the children because of the father’s violent behavior and the mother’s minimization of the situation. Ysabel and José were placed with their grandparents until the court could determine their permanent placement.
Six-month-old Tiffany was taken to the emergency room by her parents after accidently rolling off the couch. Suspicious of the injury she saw, the doctor ordered additional x-rays which showed healing fractures of different ages in several places, indicating current and previous injuries that were non-accidental and likely the result of abuse. Tiffany was removed from her home and placed in foster care.
Antonio, 13, and Diana, 10, moved into their grandmother’s house after their mother died. When Diana's teacher reported suspected abuse, it was confirmed that the grandmother had physically abused both children and that Diana had been sexually abused by their uncle. Diana later admitted that the sexual abuse had been going on for several years. The children were taken into protective custody and placed in foster care.

Chase was born addicted to cocaine, and was immediately transferred to the pediatric ICU to monitor and treat him during withdrawal. Chase’s mother tested positive for cocaine and several other drugs of abuse, and told hospital staff that she was unaware she was pregnant. When he was ready to leave the hospital, CPS placed Chase in a foster home.